Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Developing Ideas

This is my developing Ideas for Bunny and Bibby, from the new project we got given, I'm working on a film call "Bunny and Bibby Adventures, Lost And Found." At first I started on Bunny looking at rabbits and old fashioned toys. I want all the toys to have a feel of old, ragged and used. Bunny is going to be floppy, scruffy. I would really love to use material that is fake fur, just like Fantastic Mr Foxs, where it moves. I would like people to watch it and feel like they can touch it. 

I think they should be plain with simple colours, as I want this to be a children's film/series, I want them to connect on the story and not get too desiccated by background and bright desiccating colours. 

Bibby is going to be my favourite character, because she reminds me of my old toy call molly dolly, which I use to carry everywhere I go (seen in the photo with the little baby (me) and the doll). I based Bibby on her, with the plate in the hair and clothing. Also her face where she will have no mouth and nose.

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