Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Monday, 25 November 2013

making a plaster mold

 Kerry Dyer showed us how to make our own mood for hands. This is for casting latex.
We built an armature hand and then we sculpted over it using Plasticine, this was my first go so I did not use any detail or fingernails or skin texture. But next time if using this method I would trying it out. 

We made a bed of clay and lay the Plasticine hand into it, so we had half of it covered. We then need to make sure the clay was completely smoothed out and pressed against the hand all the way around. we place a 'key' over the exposed K and S, this will help us remove the hand.

We drew a box around the hand leaving a few centimeters of space all the way around. Then we put a clay 'key' in each corner of the box. These 'keys' will that the two halves of your plaster mold will align perfectly. we cut off the excess clay around it.

 We then need to make a box around our square of clay. We use plenty of glue gun to prevent the plaster leaking out of the box. Once the box was made we needed to use a thin sausage of clay to seal the edge between the clay and the box to prevent the plaster leaking.
Finally it is we put a layer of Vaseline onto the plastic box to prevent the plaster sticking to it.

This is the box I made, at this point I had just poured the first half of the plaster into the box. This particular plaster took about an hour to dry. 

 When the plaster has set we should end up with something similar to the photo to the side. Next we carefully pulled of clay away from the plaster making sure the hand sculpt stays in the plaster.

We cleaned it as much as possible to clean the clay off of the plaster and hand as possible. 

 We added need another key to the other half of the exposed k&s.The blocks of red Plasticine around the arm will create a space which will allow any excess latex to pour out when you come to casting.

 Once again we put the box walls up around our mold and put some Vaseline on the plastic. Then pour in more Plaster and allow to dry. 
Once we plastered it and it has set, we un-box it. 

 We c removing any leftover clay and Plasticine from the plaster and making it clean and tidy before you cast any latex in it. 

 these are the books that I will put on the shelfs of the set. I have made them out of different colour paper and stuck that on to cardboard, then bent it into shape of a book. I did like how it turned out, they look like old books.
 I carved out of the table and shelfs, then glue gunned it on to the wall. on the desk I tried to make it look busy but not too busy, so i put pencils, news paper clippings, a toy car and these round balls. On the shelf I put the books, more on one then the other. I have put lots of posters up on the wall like a wanted signs and some drawing of him when his was younger and other pictures that I have done in the past.   

 I was really pleased how the books turned out. They look old and warn, which shows that his is old and warn.

 This is my character in the set, I'm really pleased how it is all turned out. 

Sunday, 24 November 2013

My set

 I started off with a thin piece of wood at the bottom for my bace. I measured how big I wanted it to be. I cut the smaller piece of wood for the frame to hold up the sides of my set.

I made the frame as big a I wanted the set.

I hammered in the side planes and back then nail it to the bottom of the set.

 when I started painting the set, I noticed that I didn't need one of the side, so I took it off as I felt it would give more light into the set and more movement for me to work in.

I painted the sides with brown paint but only one layer as I wanted the look of its old and not kept well.
 Then I planed out where everything is going to be in the set with paper stuck to the walls, this helps me a lot as now I can see what goes where and proportions.

 This is my armature on my armature plan. I used electrical switch part welled on to a peace of rectangular metal, this hold in the wire  in place. For the twisted wire, I use 2mm wire and copper.  
 unfortunately one of the legs of the electrical switch part had broken, so I tried solder iron but this did not work. 

so I just use epoxy glue and milliput to hold it in place.  
 I craved out the head that was made from several layers of balsa wood stuck together.

 For the hands I used  1.5mm wire and made a hand shape out of it. Then I glue gunned the tips of the figures and also put a washer in the middle of the hand to keep its shape.

Once finishing the hands I glued them into the K and S I put the hard foam on the top and bottom, then put the soft foam on his waist, arms and legs.
 I final padded him out, then I cut the soft foam in to the shape I want him to look like.

After that I carved out the head how I wanted it. I used round K and S to stick on to the body to the head. unfortunately this did not work as the head kept on moving to much on the round K and S, so in the end I use square K and S.  

 for the arm I covered then in tights, to get that skin colour, i thought this came out very well as it looks like his has wrinkles in the skin, which I like and he is meant to be and old stretchy super hero.

 I covered the balsa wood head with skin coloured plasticine, I made the nose a different colour, I want it to stand out as it is one of his main features.

also add the hair which is made out of plasticine, and the eyes are made out of plastic cups which have been painted white.

 I added plasticine pupils, I didn't like this as it made the plastic dirty and black smudges.  

                                                  Then I add his clothes and yellow belt.

I knitted his  long red cape.  
 Here are my mouth that I will be animating with. 

braking down my sound for 'Look at me'