Monday, 25 November 2013

 these are the books that I will put on the shelfs of the set. I have made them out of different colour paper and stuck that on to cardboard, then bent it into shape of a book. I did like how it turned out, they look like old books.
 I carved out of the table and shelfs, then glue gunned it on to the wall. on the desk I tried to make it look busy but not too busy, so i put pencils, news paper clippings, a toy car and these round balls. On the shelf I put the books, more on one then the other. I have put lots of posters up on the wall like a wanted signs and some drawing of him when his was younger and other pictures that I have done in the past.   

 I was really pleased how the books turned out. They look old and warn, which shows that his is old and warn.

 This is my character in the set, I'm really pleased how it is all turned out. 

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