Sunday, 24 November 2013

 This is my armature on my armature plan. I used electrical switch part welled on to a peace of rectangular metal, this hold in the wire  in place. For the twisted wire, I use 2mm wire and copper.  
 unfortunately one of the legs of the electrical switch part had broken, so I tried solder iron but this did not work. 

so I just use epoxy glue and milliput to hold it in place.  
 I craved out the head that was made from several layers of balsa wood stuck together.

 For the hands I used  1.5mm wire and made a hand shape out of it. Then I glue gunned the tips of the figures and also put a washer in the middle of the hand to keep its shape.

Once finishing the hands I glued them into the K and S I put the hard foam on the top and bottom, then put the soft foam on his waist, arms and legs.
 I final padded him out, then I cut the soft foam in to the shape I want him to look like.

After that I carved out the head how I wanted it. I used round K and S to stick on to the body to the head. unfortunately this did not work as the head kept on moving to much on the round K and S, so in the end I use square K and S.  

 for the arm I covered then in tights, to get that skin colour, i thought this came out very well as it looks like his has wrinkles in the skin, which I like and he is meant to be and old stretchy super hero.

 I covered the balsa wood head with skin coloured plasticine, I made the nose a different colour, I want it to stand out as it is one of his main features.

also add the hair which is made out of plasticine, and the eyes are made out of plastic cups which have been painted white.

 I added plasticine pupils, I didn't like this as it made the plastic dirty and black smudges.  

                                                  Then I add his clothes and yellow belt.

I knitted his  long red cape.  
 Here are my mouth that I will be animating with. 

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