Sunday, 24 November 2013

My set

 I started off with a thin piece of wood at the bottom for my bace. I measured how big I wanted it to be. I cut the smaller piece of wood for the frame to hold up the sides of my set.

I made the frame as big a I wanted the set.

I hammered in the side planes and back then nail it to the bottom of the set.

 when I started painting the set, I noticed that I didn't need one of the side, so I took it off as I felt it would give more light into the set and more movement for me to work in.

I painted the sides with brown paint but only one layer as I wanted the look of its old and not kept well.
 Then I planed out where everything is going to be in the set with paper stuck to the walls, this helps me a lot as now I can see what goes where and proportions.

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