Sunday, 24 November 2013

This is the drawing that I was given. This drawing is done by Cameron Johns. Also I got the sound clip 'Look at Me.'

I started working on design of the character, and trying to stick to the same design and look as Cameron Johns's drawing.
 Finally I came up with this design, I have drawn him exactly like Cameron has but, made some of his features bigger and smaller to stand out, like his arm and eyes.

Here is both my coloured, black and white, facial expressions.
Here are my action poses.

I thought that as Cameron had drawn one arm long then the other, so I had go of drawing it out, as I wanted the character to be an old, fat, retired, super hero. That was stretchy when he was young but now he is old and the elasticity has gone, so he would be out of proportion.

But this did not work, as I would find it hard to animate with it.

My colour, black and white turnarounds.

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